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Scenic Cruises Testimonials

What Others are Saying About Us

Drinks and Dining At Scenic Cruises, we are proud of our reputation for giving people
the ultimate river cruising experience and the holiday of a lifetime.

Read the Sept 26, 2014 USA TODAY cruise review, by Gene Sloan, of our Gems of the Seine river cruise.  CLICK HERE.

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We value the feedback that we receive from our passengers, as well as comments, responses and reviews from travel agents, travel writers and other travel professionals.

Here are some examples of what people are saying about us, as well as a few things we are saying about ourselves.

Travel Agent Video Testimonials

US Travel Agent Testimonials See what US Travel Agents have to say about Scenic Cruises. 

Travel Agents, specializing in river cruising and experts for many years, traveled on an all-inclusive 5 star luxury Gems of the Danube river cruise in October 2013.

The river cruise took them from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary. Additional stops included Regensburg, Passau, Linz, Melk, Durnstein, and Vienna.
More Travel Agent Testimonials More Travel Agent Testimonials.

Please see the "Travel Agent Testimonials" section below for more written testimonials.
Travel Agent Testimonials
Scenic Cruises is a "shining star" for the US river cruise market. Its' ultra inclusive approach is a welcome addition to the luxury river cruise product. This Australian company is going to bring some stiff competition to our existing luxury inventory which has been somewhat limited. We will sell this gem of a cruise line without hesitation.
Maxine and Joel Ezra, Travel Agents

Truly enjoyed Scenic Cruising to Durnstein. I was able to sit in the comfort of my balcony lounge, listening to the explanation while watching the ships camera.
Bev Broger, Travel Agent

The 25 mile bike tour was indeed a highlight of our trip. However, the private concert in Vienna was magical. I think the two events tied for first place. This is what sets Scenic apart from the other River Cruise lines.
Pat Loeser, Travel Agent

Our local guide, sabine, was excellent. Her depth of knowledge about Germany, Austria and Salzburg and the manner in which she shared that knowledge made the tour a fantastic and enjoyable expirience. She is one of the best local guides I've ever had.
George Nagy, Travel Agent

We value our relationships with our travel partners. Thank you for your great comments and responses.
I just wanted to let you know that both of my couples that traveled last month just raved about the trip. And they travel quite a bit. They mentioned that the cabins were very nice. They loved the balconies and said the food was very good. Of course, you can’t beat the itinerary. As you know, these couples were very detail oriented during the booking process, so I was glad to hear such a positive feedback.

Connie N., Group Coordinator

I just wanted to let you know that they thoroughly enjoyed their trip – in fact it exceeded their expectations.
Cathy W., Travel Consultant

Mrs. Shaw came into our office this afternoon to tell us about their cruise with you from Budapest to Amsterdam which finished on 19 April in Amsterdam. She absolutely raved about the cruise, your staff and the tours the rest of the guests and the fantastic service you provided to all of the stranded passengers including bringing you’re not-yet-commissioned ship to Amsterdam to use as a hotel. This was East Town Travel’s first sale with you and although the Shaw’s are experienced and savvy travelers….I was holding my breath about the cruise….being a new product to us. No worries!!! As your cruise director often told the passengers. The Shaw’s often traveled in Europe renting a car…Don driving…Sandy navigating. No more. Having cruised with you they’ll never drive again. Thank-you to ALL of you …each and every one of you who had something to do with this cruise!!!! Happy clients are repeat clients.
Sandy loved the Australians….who are enthusiastic and fun!
Don like the ease and not having to figure anything out.
Both enjoyed the food and wine and on board…Sandy said…a little too much
Both enjoyed the on board entertainment and tours.
Both liked you ships….all 3 of them and their cabin(s) #329…how on earth did you manage that!!?? Thank-you.
Both thought the cruise director fun and entertaining….the Australians took over his act….guess it was hilarious!
Thank-you everyone for all you did to make this a most memorable trip for the Shaw’s volcano ash and all
Kelley, Travel Consultant

I just HAVE TO take the time & say what an absolute pleasure it is dealing with everyone at Scenic Tours....from the moment we initiate a reservation until we receive our docs it is a most pleasant experience....your " Documentation Presentation" is Classy, thorough & Top-Notch ... ( most of the other Cruise Lines out there can learn from your Presentation as they have NONE in fact...I intend to show my Reps the difference when they drop in for a visit!!!!)
I am a veteran in this Retail Travel Business of over 38 years now.... & it truly distresses me how most Cruise Lines have cheapened their product..they think no one has noticed...but everyone has...
So again I just wanted to congratulate everyone at Scenic Tours for a job well done...it makes me look good for recommending you... & which I will continue to do for my valued clients.
Thank You!!!
P.S. Also a special Thank You to Neil Dudley for keeping in touch & his personal notice of any new bookings...it is appreciated so please pass along our Thanks!

Jean Ceneda, Travel Consultant  
Passenger Testimonials
We recently were on a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest on your cruise ship the crystal.   We unfortunately had two days of sunshine in the two weeks and were just ahead of the flooding in Germany and Hungary .   Despite this we want to congratulate the crew for their handling of all the events.  We had such a marvelous time and want to thank the company  and crew for making us feel so special.  Obviously the training comes down from the top.  I cannot say enough about your staff and we would highly recommend your line to anyone who plans on cruising.  Keep up the good work and please pass on my praises to the crew of the Crystal. 
Joe and Jackie H., Canada

I want to let you know what a fantastic cruise my husband, friends and I had on board the Scenic Diamond from Aug. 28 to Sept. 4.
I was very impressed by the level of service, the amenities of the ship and cabin, as well as the food.
More specifically, the guides on our excursions were exceptional. The hand held devices ( Scenic Tailor-made) allowed the guides to be heard at all times, which was a real plus.  We also enjoyed using the GPS system.
Our cruise director, Katharina, was outstanding. When we had the odd problem, she resolved things promptly and efficiently. She is to be commended for the level of trouble-shooting that she does on a regular basis.  ( I hope she is paid well!)
Always visible, she was available to answer even the smallest question and she gave clear, informative talks before arriving at each port.
We were surprised to learn (via Cruise Critic) that there were some disgruntled passengers on our cruise. None of us could understand how they might feel this way. Our trip was simply wonderful.
Annie, thank you for answering my questions earlier in our booking process. I really appreciated this level of customer service.
I cannot wait to take my next Scenic River Cruise!

Karen H., Canada

We wish to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the efforts of your Company in making our first visit to Europe so thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. We believe that service of this calibre results from a corporate culture wherein management sets the example for its team by its own uncompromising commitment to providing outstanding customer service. Put another way, many companies seem to "talk the talk", but often fail to "walk the walk". In our view Scenic Cruises performance is very much the exception in this regard, and deserves to be congratulated.
Jim and Joan E., Sooke, BC, Canada

Our cruise on the Scenic Sapphire was great, it totally surpassed our expectations. For a relatively new company in a very competitive market Scenic Tours really did their homework and got it right, right from the start.
Jim and Terry F., Hollywood, California, USA

It is nice and convenient to have wine included with lunch and dinner, without trying to get a waiter’s attention and sign a chit everytime. . .or in the case of our last trip (with a different company), we purchased the right to have unlimited wine, which proved to be quite expensive.
John and Catherine S., Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada

EVERYTHING was so FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! We loved it all!
I would highly recommend this trip to everyone. Scenic does a terrific job in every aspect of the entire cruise. I can't say enough about what was included in our trip, and the crew, the food, it was all so great. We also met some wonderful new friends. . .(and) had such a terrific adventure.

Lynda B., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

We had a wonderful time on our trip. Going by river cruise was ideal for us. It was relaxing as well as interesting. Scenic Tours took very good care of us and one of the seasoned river cruisers (9 trips) told us it was the best value.
Ann and Mike M., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The cruise was wonderful. We can’t wait to book next year and we will be referring many of our friends.
Carla D., Houston, Texas, USA

The ship, the crew and the various tours were first class. The cuisine, service and menu choices were excellent. The small groups with individual head sets were great.
William and Myra S., Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thanks for setting up our really fun tour of NZ!!!...thought you might be interested in a "report" of our great trip. In New Zealand, we:
Generally admired the gorgeous scenery that one comes across at every turn of the road, took a helicopter over two glaciers and landed on one of them, jet boated up this beautiful meandering river into the mountains doing 360's along the way, boogie boarded down this steep sand dune into a creek while 50 people at the bottom clapped if we made it to the creek, went on a death defying 4 wheel drive deep into a canyon and then were served a Sauvignon Blanc appropriately called FreeFall at 10:30 in the morning (to steady the nerves no doubt), climbed up dormant/extinct volcanoes for great views of Auckland and Wellington, took the gondola up to the Skyline Restaurant where we had dinner while enjoying the stunning view over Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu and the lovely local mountain range called The Remarkables, hiked to the drop-dead gorgeous northern tip of the country (where the Pacific Ocean meets the Tasman Sea that separates NZ from Australia), bathed in half a dozen really soothing hot spring pools (with temperatures between 36 and 41C), took a train ride through the scenic Southern Alps, took a bus for 70km on a hard packed beach, saw a thousand waterfalls at a fiord, saw geysers and bubbling thermal pools, stayed at first-class hotels including the beautiful Rainforest retreat at Franz Josef, the fantastic resort at Lake Taupo and the lovely place across from the sand dunes at Hokianga Harbour, had lovely meals along the way, although we definitely ate too much food, got nice and toasty on a champagne and canapes party (food and drinks served in great quantities by waiters with white gloves) on a special tram set aside for us in Christchurch before heading to a Belgian Beer Cafe for more good eats and drinks, saw a pod of dolphins, fur seals, sheep (NZ has 40 million of them which is ten times the population of the country), llamas, penguins, stingrays, sharks, and dairy cows up close, saw a super ancient Kauri tree, revered and named "the God of the Forest" by the Maori people, learned about the Maori people and their culture, as serenaded by 2 Maori ladies while eating a hangi-prepared dinner (the Maoris often cook their food underground), learned a ton about NZ from our learned and really friendly driver (he spends half the year teaching and the other half driving), marvelled at the beautiful Church of the Good Shepherd situated at an absolutely picturesque spot on Lake Tekapo, really loved the polite, friendly and funny Kiwis that we met along the way (they are some of the nicest people we've ever met in our travels)

Peter and Nancy B., Kanata, Ontario, Canada

My wife and I joined the Scenic Ruby on April 5th in Budapest. From the time that we were picked up at the airport, we knew we were in very good hands. The enjoyment and excitement of the cruise far exceeded our expectations. The real purpose of this short note is to thank you for your handling of the “crisis” caused by the volcanic ash. Many of us, in almost a state of panic, were asking ourselves “Now what will we do?”
Once again, the people at Scenic Tours provided efficient and thoughtful alternatives; a bus to Paris, free B&B on the Sapphire; and for us very reasonable transportation to London.
When we hear of the other stories of stranded by the airline closures, we realize how grateful qw are to the people at Scenic Cruises.
I should like to thank and mention especially Tom Doyle who went out of his way to help my wife and I on our way to the London Coaching Station providing much needed help in the handling of our luggage.
We will be singing the praises of Scenic Cruises for a long time (and to our many friends who are considering river cruising back in Vancouver, Canada)

Charles and Hazel R., Richmond , British Columbia, Canada

My husband and I were passengers on your Scenic Ruby going from Budapest to Amsterdam, Tour STC050410.2 - Jewels of Europe River Cruise. We changed ships to the Scenic Diamond for the last half of our journey, at that time picking up one of your travel consultants, Ms Sara Ann Penich, who was to travel with us to the conclusion of our journey in Amsterdam on April 19th. The last few days of our trip were very stressful for all of us, due to the volcanic ash disaster and the subsequent closure of all European airports. Your cruise director, Werney Beyer, was in constant contact with your offices and reassured all of us with his "not to worry" mantra. Ms Penich, immediately offered her assistance to Mr Beyer and was a constant, reassuring presence to all of the passengers. When we reached Amsterdam and were told that all flights had been canceled, leaving all of us stranded in a city overflowing with stranded visitors, we were all in a panic. Your company, in an act of unprecedented corporate generosity, brought the Scenic Sapphire to Cologne and provided cabin accommodations to all the passengers, including breakfast, without further charges, for as long and the ship could remain. Again, mindful of the confusion and upset, members from your local office were sent to the ship to assist us in trying to re-book our flights out and to assist in any way that they could. If all of this wasn't enough, we were assured by your ships staff that when it was necessary to take the Scenic Sapphire back to Cologne, they would find lodging for any passengers that were still stranded at that time. Your ship’s crew, Ruby, Diamond and especially the Sapphire were unfailing in their commitment to our comfort, safety and well-being. Keeping in mind that the majority of your passengers were seniors, your action belayed much anxiety and distress. I simply cannot express our gratitude to you, all of your staff and crew members, and especially to Mr. Beyer and Ms Penich. I want to thank you, Scenic Tours Australia, for your compassion, generosity and corporate ethics.
We look forward to traveling again with you soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Dool, Canada

My wife and I just returned from the Budapest to Amsterdam tour that began on June 6. We both thought the tour was wonderful. In particular, the cruise director Yvonne da Sera was absolutely great. In fact, the entire staff, from our waiter (Ruppert Mate) to the reception desk people did a fantastic job. We'll be recommending Scenic to our friends in good measure because of the work of those people. Thanks, again, for a wonderful experience.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester, The Villages, Florida

I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and found that Scenic Tours were the best ever from an organizational, efficiency and knowledgeable staff. We travel a lot and find that Scenic was the best ever. I would be interested in receiving brochures especially on cruises, orient and Australia and New Zealand. Again my thanks for a great and well organized cruise.
Mr. Surette, Ontario

My wife and I have recently returned from the Danube River Cruise on board the Scenic Emerald from 5 to 12 September 2011 and would like you to know how pleased and impressed we were with all aspects of the trip: Booking arrangements were smooth; the modern ship was extremely well equipped, furnished and maintained; the cabin staff were speedy, polite and unobtrusive; the public areas, lounges, dining rooms etc. were of a high standard as were the meals and wine. The ship's crew from the captain down were courteous and efficient; the cruise director did an excellent job and ensured we were well entertained; and the choice of shore tours was first class. Even after we had disembarked, Scenic Tour representatives at the Mariott Hotel in Budapest went out of their way to ensure that we were sent to the right airport at Budapest (we didn't know there were two!) All in all a most enjoyable experience. Many thanks to you all.
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield, Ontario
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